How big should images be for social media?

Updated: Apr 30

It is important that the image of your company is absolutely fantastic. This means that in addition to having a great website, a strong social media presence is also very important. Whatever platforms you decide to use, it is imperative that it looks good.

If you thought you made the perfect photo for Instagram, you discover that most of it fell off when you posted it. If you knew the correct formats, your photo would have become a real masterpiece.

To make sure your business always looks its best, we've put together a list of all social media image sizes to make sure your images look spectacular on any platform:

Facebook images

Even the largest social media network has some very specific requirements, especially when it comes to image sizes. When someone wants to know more about your business, chances are they are trying to find you on Facebook, so it's best to set up your profile. In addition to the obvious (your profile photo and cover photo), there are a few other formats to consider.

Specific images to watch out for are groups and events, as they have their own specific dimensions. The photo itself is of course up to you, so make sure it is attractive.

Profile photo: minimum 180 x 180 px

Cover photo: 820 x 310 px

Link post: 1,200 x 628